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SYSPRO ShopClock On-Demand Webinar

July 28, 2015

SYSPRO ShopClock is a specially-designed manufacturing shop floor “time-tracking tool” that collects and manages accurate employee data from your shop floor and integrates right into SYSPRO.

Your employees can quickly and easily clock-on and off jobs/operations either directly from the production floor or from the office—allowing for real-time updates against SYSPRO’s Work in Progress (WIP) module.

This improved functionality for your shop floor allows for:

  • Improved cost control for your accountants with accurate visibility into your exact job costs–allowing for a clearer picture of the shop floor’s business performance.

  • Improved employee productivity tracking for your operations managers–allowing them to quickly pinpoint and address production bottlenecks and issues.

  • A reduction in overhead and human errors as a result of manually keying in time-sheets from the shop floor–allowing for better productivity on the floor and in the back-office.

  • Single source of truth–syncing your ERP system with your shop floor with real-time updates.

  • Increased efficiency and overall performance management of shop floor resources–improving your bottom-line.

Hear from Bob Walker, Client Account Manager for SYSPRO Canada in this webinar on-demand, how SYSPRO customers have been using ShopClock successfully over the past 19 years to improve their business performance, productivity and profitability.

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