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A Data-Driven Improvement Model for Optimizing Business Processes

November 12, 2015

It is critical for manufacturing leaders to examine business operations, and determine if they are maximizing performance and profitability, or are they struggling with on-going waste and loss—especially the waste and loss that is hidden and uncovered in their businesses.

Read this solution sheet to get started, designed specifically for business executives in manufacturing, outlining the most straightforward and effective method of spearheading business process innovation is the DMAIC Method–a proven quality improvement approach for eliminating defects in your business processes and improving quality-related business metrics.

Find out how the DMAIC model can help identify, measure and reduce waste and loss: 

  • DEFINE: Articulate the areas of improvement, goals, resources, project scope and timeline and seek approvals, as required
  • MEASURE: Establish current baselines as the basis for improvement and future decision-making
  • ANALYZE: Identify, validate and select root causes for elimination of waste or loss
  • IMPROVE: Identify, test and implement a solution to the problem; in part or in whole
  • CONTROL: Create a control plan and monitor improvements to ensure continued and sustainable success
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