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Discover top considerations for diversifying investments into new markets

November 30, 2017

View this on-demand webinar and discover top considerations for diversifying your investments into new markets beyond North America, and the right export strategy to help meet growing demand.

Recent world events such as Brexit, the U.S. election of President Donald Trump and near-future trade agreements means that diversification into new markets for Canadian manufacturers becomes paramount in these uncertain times. 

Canada’s two most prominent industries, food processing and automotive production, face an uncertain future with ongoing NAFTA renegotiations, that could negatively impact the economic standing of Canada’s two most profitable sectors. This will mean a strong emphasis on diversifying into new international markets beyond North America and embracing specialization. It will also require adopting new and productivity-enhancing technologies that affect how Canadian goods are manufactured and exported beyond Canada. 

In this 45-minute session, designed specifically for manufacturing leaders, you will discover:

  •       A snapshot of global export growth opportunities for Canadian manufacturers and government trade and market diversification initiatives
  •       How to develop a sound strategy for diversifying export investments into international markets
  •       Considerations for overcoming potential risks to current trade agreements
  •       How automation and technology such as ERP can help improve efficiency and meet growing demand

View this on-demand webinar today!

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