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Optimize Management and Planning with Improved Visibility for Electronics Manufacturers

January 2, 2018

As an electronics manufacturer, you face constant pressure to create innovative new products that are not only durable, relevant and cost effective, but also products that stay ahead of the technology curve. The pace is frenetic, design and production times are short, and time to market is the difference between success and failure.

Key issues driving the competitive landscape include:
- Changing cost structures with strategic moves to outsource secondary components
- Integration of technologies outside the primary landscape
- R&D lead times
- Strategic CAPEX – using mature products to fund R&D of new products
- Energy efficiency
- “SMART” products connecting people, objects and virtual reality
- Consumer “value addiction” affecting quality of product
- Distribution disruption

To succeed, you need an ERP solution that enables automation, integration, visibility and cross communication across your entire supply chain, while controlling short product life cycles and long procurement lead times - while dealing with indirect sales channels and complex supply chains.

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