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Minimizing Supply Chain Risks in Manufacturing: Aligning Your Order Fulfillment Process Toward Successful Supply Chain Management

October 18, 2015 Melanie Aizer

Companies must focus on improving order fulfillment by concentrating on increasing the speed and efficiency of business decision-making. The continuous monitoring of the impacts of these decisions will result in a better ability to transform their supply chains from reactive to proactive information-driven value chains.

Upgrading customer service, fulfilling orders at a faster rate and at a lower cost, increasing profits, and improving the accuracy of order promises, are all top-line priorities for most manufacturers.

Read this informative solution sheet that highlights how aligning order fulfillment with successful Supply Chain Management can reap several business benefits, including:

  • Increased visibility within and across the supply chain
  • Streamlined data integration through the removal of disparate systems
  • Consistent customer experience across all channels
  • Reduced shipping delays and transportation costs, as result of inaccurate and inefficient information processes

About the Author

Melanie Aizer

Melanie Aizer is a highly driven, successful senior-level marketing manager with over 10 years experience in marketing, most recently in high tech and cloud-based solutions. Melanie leads the development, coordination and execution of the company’s marketing strategies, including the management of all Canadian marketing functions, including effective generation and management of leads, strategy, marketing operations, social media initiatives and marketing communications.

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