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Discover how connecting strategic and tactical planning can equal financial reward

October 17, 2016

Manufacturing leaders need to “connect” the sales side of the business with the production side—in order to effectively plan for, and meet, customer demand. Implementing a formal Sales and Operations Planning process creates a strategic approach to supply and demand readiness. 

As there is little formality to the process and the technology for undertaking successful planning, there are varied approaches to implementing a Sales and Operations Planning methodology. This lack of standardization makes it difficult for organizations to determine where to start, and means the process can be easily derailed by common misconceptions, myths and untruths that hinder the adoption of successful formal planning strategies. 

This solution sheet outlines fundamental reasons why manufacturing leaders continue to overlook this best practice, business planning process, including:

  • Five common myths or misconceptions about successful Sales and Operations Planning
  • The real reasons manufacturers have a misguided understanding of S&OP
  • Why a formal approach to connecting the strategic plan to the tactical plan can equal financial reward
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