[eBOOK] 4 Key Steps to Delivering Regulatory Compliance—What Every CFO Must Know

July 19, 2017 Melanie Aizer | Marketing Director


As regulatory demands grow in complexity, companies are struggling to stay updated on emerging compliance regulations. This is especially true in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, as businesses have had to work harder than ever before to ensure that their corporate decision-making adheres to new standards of responsibility, transparency and accountability. Regulatory compliance is a major issue for many boardrooms and corporate executives. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), in particular, face the increasing pressure of ensuring accountability for regulatory adherence and compliance. This is especially true for CFOs in the manufacturing industry, many of who are involved in several areas of the business as a whole. Successful CFOs embrace regulatory compliance by ensuring that their companies observe any pertinent regulations. They also integrate strategy, risk, performance and sustainability, to create value for the company, as well as its employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Regulatory compliance requires companies to set up processes and controls that adhere to laws, policies, regulations and standards. More specifically, a strong compliance management process enables CFOs and their boardroom peers to facilitate a system of people, processes and technology.  

This eBook, 4 Key Steps to Delivering Regulatory Compliance—What Every CFO Must Know, is designed for CFOs who want to better understand their obligations, when it comes to regulatory compliance in manufacturing, including:

  • The importance of regulatory compliance
  • The 5 key areas of regulatory compliance in the manufacturing industry
  • How CFOs can champion compliance management processes

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