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Discover strategies to improve visibility across metal fabrication businesses

June 2, 2017

Volatile commodity prices combined with shrinking markets, increased levels of customer-driven expectations, and skilled labor shortages due to an aging workforce, are just a few of the many challenges that manufacturing leaders in the metal fabrication industry face today.

In order to gain a competitive advantage and grow their businesses, metal manufacturers need to reassess their operations.

The ultimate goal for metal fabricators should be to simplify the manufacturing process with improved efficiency, while increasing profits. In order to do so, metal manufacturers need to have accurate, real-time visibility into their operations. This allows them to be more responsive to both internal and external issues that arise (often with no warning), make sound business decisions based on facts (and not gut feel), and proactively look for opportunities to enhance business processes, for a competitive advantage.

This solution sheet outlines three leading strategies for successful operational visibility, as well as, highlights:

  • How operational visibility helps business leaders make data-driven decisions
  • Key questions metal manufacturers should consider when changing existing business processes and technology
  • How Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and SYSPRO can help manage metal fabrication business growth

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